Pastor Chris and Ersa Hall

Chris Hall is a native to the Tallahassee area and is no stranger to ministry. Chris began in ministry at a very young age and has spent more than 20 years in ministry. 

Ersa was born in Albania and her family came to America when she was 16.  Albania was a country that had been under a dictator and religion had been banned from the country.

After coming to America she had a desire to know God. She wanted more than an intellectual understanding of Him. Her desire was to know him in the fulness of His power, His Love and His unfailing Grace.

God brought them together and their journey began.  God revealed to them that there was a greater purpose for their lives.

Their vision is to create an environment where people who are unchurched or people who are done with religion can come to know Him and enjoy a relationship with Him on a personal level with no pretense.

They have come back home to Tallahassee to plant a life giving, outreaching and loving church where people can connect with God and know His love. They want to see people enter into a life-giving relationship with Jesus, and they desire to build a church that not only makes a difference in people’s lives on Sundays, but also serves its city throughout the week.